January 17, 2018

Kristen + Trevor || Carlsbad, CA Wedding

Backyard weddings are BOMB ya’ll.

I love the production and fantasy world that is weddings. The big ones, the ballroom ones, the church ones, the ranch ones…I really do enjoy them all, because they’re this celebration of something bigger than one person. A backyard / home based wedding celebration is no different – and completely different. It’s familiar. It holds history. It’s comfortable.
Kristen and Trevor got married in the beautiful backyard of a family friend in Carlsbad, and it was so delightful. We did all of our shooting right there on the property – I always tell my clients that the backdrop is NOT the point. Your relationship is the point. If we find this insanely beautiful spot that’s 30 minutes away from your ceremony and reception site, and we get there but you’re stressed to the max about time during our 15 minutes scheduled to be there — total fail. Now flip it. We can have 40 minutes, on location at your ceremony or reception site — and create gorgeous, intimate images that will stay in your family forever, and no one, I repeat NO ONE, will ever ask ‘where did you take those?’. Kristen wanted their day to be about their guests, so she wanted to keep their portraits close to the site – and luckily, we had a beautiful home and yard to work with…so we did just that. The sun was magical, and it danced off of the pool and string lights like a dream. Kristen’s dad held tight to her arm as he walked her out of the house to the grassy backyard cermoney. We all clapped and Kristen and Trevor laughed big, real laughs and held each other the way young love does. Everyone in the family danced and laughed and hugged. I felt like I was just another family member, there to wish them well and send them off with all of the love I could offer up from my heart.

Do your wedding your way. Everyone who loves you will be there cheering you on.

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