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January 12, 2018

Kellet Family || Portrait

10 minutes. That’s all I ask.

Give me ten minutes, your undivided attention, and we can make such beautiful portraits.

Lindsay jumped through fire to make our quick session happen – with two babies and her husband in his busiest season of work – it’s a wonder this beautiful woman had time to put her own wardrobe together, much less look as gorgeous as she does. We were in and out of here (my backyard) in literally, 10 minutes. It was freezing, freezing, FREEZING cold and we all barely escaped losing our toes to the dropping temps.

We persevered though, and look what we have to show for it!

Don’t wait for the perfect weather or perfect month for your family portraits, or any photographs for that matter. Leave those worries to me.

Coming up next, I’m going to share some explanations and tips on posing, both how I position clients to accentuate their body types and various people in a group photo – to things you can do at home to make those DIY photos even better.

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