Weddings don’t have to be about dresses and florals, if you don’t want them to be. Katie and Manu had a triple celebration in three different countries! Katie, hailing from the US, opted to have a celebration with her family here in Keene Valley at their family’s BEAUUUTIFUL farm (which also boasts some of the […]

Delightful. Bright. Spunk. Shiny Star. All come to mind when I think about my time with this girl. We had a great time at the park with her insanely adorable pup (just LOOOOK at that fluff!) getting some fun images, and had to have Mom, Laura, hop in one at the end. Photograph your children, […]


January 9, 2018

Prompting Me.

Writing prompts for a Tuesday morning. 1. I’m happiest when….. I am loving myself. 2. …Especially if it… coincides with people I love loving me for loving myself. 3. I’ve always wanted to…. be one of those people who just like myself where I am, right now – naturally. I have to work hard at […]

Being from a small town is an importance piece of my heart. There’s something that comes with being from a place where people know you, trust you, and see you grow as a person. Doing business with other entrepreneurs in the community isn’t only important, it’s inspiring. I’ve known the Post family for years. I […]

Connection as Prevention Today I received a call from a close friend, who has recently been touched by suicide. She asked, “What are we doing about veteran suicide?” After a short talk, I sat down to begin a paper on the subject. Shortly thereafter, I received an email from my husband containing the monthly newsletter […]

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