Today is a new day. Today is the day we don’t allow anyone to finish our sentence, to cut in front of us in line, or explain to us what we just said. Today we will step out in front of our own stories, being confident that our experience, our sweat, and our blood on […]

Backyard weddings are BOMB ya’ll. I love the production and fantasy world that is weddings. The big ones, the ballroom ones, the church ones, the ranch ones…I really do enjoy them all, because they’re this celebration of something bigger than one person. A backyard / home based wedding celebration is no different – and completely […]

A thousand times if I’ve heard it once: “You’ll have to tell me what to do because I’m not photogenic AT ALL.” Dear ones, I love you. I hear you. From the queen of not photogenic – I hear YOU. There hasn’t been a candid photo snapped of me in my years as an adult […]

When you watch people that you know grow through life, it’s a beautifully rewarding gift. Kristin had a vision for their day from the start — and as a theatre stage manager / event planner / doer of all things, I had no doubt she would pull off an amazing day. She and Robert had […]

10 minutes. That’s all I ask. Give me ten minutes, your undivided attention, and we can make such beautiful portraits. Lindsay jumped through fire to make our quick session happen – with two babies and her husband in his busiest season of work – it’s a wonder this beautiful woman had time to put her […]

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