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H E A T H E R   G A L L A H E R

I want you to be able to play this moment back, and back again, always.


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I am a photographer, a mother, a daughter, a partner.  A lover of horses and high fashion, of coffee and cowboy boots.  I want to provide you with the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself, and an experience you will cherish and want to come back to year after year.

someday, my time here will be up.  at the celebration of my life, i hope there will be a beautiful wooden easel, with a photograph of me.  in that photograph i will not be wearing my wedding dress.  i will not be a young woman of 24, or even of 35 or 40.  in that photograph i will be wearing my hair down and blown back from my face, with something beautiful around my neck.  my eyes will be steady and afire, and my chin will be high and tilted forward to the world.  I will not be hidden behind my husband.  I will not be crouched behind my child.  my photograph will cause the people at the celebration to catch their breath and remember the force of nature that i was in life, and feel in their bones the legacy i have left behind.  this kind of photograph, is the gift i want to create for you.

one day, your children, and their children, will go looking for you in photographs.  what will they find?  one day, the opportunity of your dreams is going to call you up and ask for your photograph to put next to your idea that is going to change the world.  will you send them a selfie?  one day, you will awaken to find that the most worthy, deserving, yet unappreciated person in your life has been you, all along.

i am heather gallaher, and i would love to invite you to a personal photoshoot with me.  it will change the way you see yourself.





My first love, and my greatest teachers.  There is little a long ride and a soft nose cannot heal.


The place I found my purpose.  The place I will always return.  Earth and Her wonders are neverending for me.

the olympics

Seattle is my second home.  City lights and life make me feel alive.  And who doesn't love Piroshky?

great cities

The basis for all things.  Beneath everything we do, there is a rhythm.


Our stories are all we have.  They are worth writing down, sharing, and passing on.


A portrait session is not something you should feel the need to survive, to drag anyone to, or 'get over with'.  my portrait sessions are a fun, empowering experience where we bring your best self forward to reflect your beauty back to you.  from initial consultation through wardrobe choice, hair, makeup and your photo reveal, i will guide you through the process.  i love photographing people, and i would love to photograph you.


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We leave our portraits to the ones we love.  Gift yourself, and the ones you love with beautiful portraits made in studio or at a location of your choice.  Hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling available.- all sessions come with complimentary laughter, dancing, and a new you..  

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From makeup to midnight margaritas, first look to last dance. This is your story.  Let's go where you've never been and create images that always connect you back to that feeling.  All weddings include full day coverage and your images delivered digitally.

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Your personal brand is your face to the world.  I'll work with you to hone your vision in a sophisticated, authentic way that empowers your brand and helps you sell.  Brand development coaching and design also available.  


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I knew there were others out there like me, who were searching for an organic, slightly rough around the edges venue experience without sacrificing the elegance and effortless glamour of a full service, professionally coordinated event.  This is how the idea behind the farm began.  dreaming of a farm wedding complete with horses, wildflowers, and a hundred year old barn as your backdrop?  Have a vision for a twinkle lit forest gala at the foot of the adirondack mountains?  now booking for 2019.

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A la carte weddings from $2000

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